Romantic Movies that Make You Cry

Romantic Movies that Make You Cry

Oh well, tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and like the previous date, Cupid forgot to send me an invitation. Better off prepare a box of tissues and feel in love as we review top 10 romantic movies that make you cry, in no particular order. Don’t forget the popcorn by the way.

All-time Favorite Sad Romantic Movies

the notebookThe Notebook (2004). Let’s start with this. It is everyone’s All-time favorite. Directed by Nick Cassavetes, this movie is an adaptation of Nicholas Spark’s bestselling novel. The story is about a young man who fell in love with a wealthy young woman and let her experience freedom.  Although the plot is common on love stories, the twists are so passionate and heart-breaking that viewers of all ages can relate.

The story starts with Noah Calhoun’s (James Garner) repeated visits to a woman (Gena Rowlands) in a nursing home. Noah comes to the nursing home and tells her a story about two young couple (Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams) separated by social differences. Their love affair was halted in the midst of World War II. It was only after seven years that the couple was reunited. However, the woman has already a fiancé and both of them have taken different paths. But love always calls for a second chance.

Gone with the wind (1939). This movie has been one of the top movies of all time. The entire concept is about a Southern girl’s spoiled love for man who is married. But the producer of the film managed to play with the plot and Margaret Mitchell’s best-selling novel adaptation went on a 3.7-million-dollar budget film. With about four hours of screen time, this movie is about a daughter of a plantation owner, Scarlett O’ Hara who is secretly in love with the neighboring plantation owner, Ashley Wilkes. However Ashley is already engaged to Melanie. Scarlett was rejected by Ashley and as result; the gorgeous and self-centered Scarlet marries Charles, brother of Melanie. Charles died of pneumonia after he went off to war. Several scenes developed from the ravages of war to the fall of Atlanta. Scarlett depended on Rhett in the entire story but rejected him all throughout in her belief of her love to Ashley.

Titanic (1997). This movie by director-writer James Cameron is about a seventeen-year-old aristocrat who is betrothed to a rich man, falls in love to a poor artist aboard the lavish, doomed R.M.S. Titanic. The engagement was purely resolved by the lady’s mother. The director pays tribute to a deluxe Victorian civilization and culture that went down with the ship in the making of this film.

The movie starts with the story telling of a 101 year old woman named Rose DeWitt Bukater to her granddaughter and her friends. It was 84 years ago when Rose boards a departing ship called Titanic. Being among passengers, she and her mother, along with her fiancé occupy the upper-class location. At the same time, Jack Dawson, a drifter and artist with his best friend Fabrizio De Rossi win third-class tickets to the ship in a game. She then tell the story from the departure of the ill-fated ship until its and last voyage.


Romantic movies to watch

Casablanca (1942). This romance film is one of the most beloved American movies.  Michael Curtiz, the director of the movie was able to capture on-screen the wartime romance and love intrigue.

Casablanca is a story of Rick Blance who is an ex-freedom fighter who is managing a nightclub in Casablanca during the early part of WWII. Rick Blaine was reunited with his past love, Isla Lund, in Morocco during World War II.  This woman is deserted him when the Nazis conquered Paris. Isla Lund is already married to Lorenzo. Despite Rick’s love to Isla, his valour allowed him to let Isla and Lorenzo to leave the country by giving them transit papers.

A Walk to Remember (2002). A Walk to Remember is another sentimental novel by Nicholas Sparks. This is one of his teen melodramas set up in the coastal North Carolina port. The love story is between Landon Carter, a big man on the campus at Beaufort High School and Jamie Sullivan, a conservative and plain daughter of the town’s Baptist Minister. The conflict of the plot lies on Landon’s struggle at his drop of popularity because of his relationship with Jamie. Meanwhile, Jamie is finding it difficult to deal with his father and a secret that she is keeping.

PS I Love You. This movie was created in 2007. The story is about a happily married man (Gerry) and woman (Holly Kennedy) but the man died unfortunately through an illness. It was late when the widow discovered that her husband left 10 messages to help her deal with the loss and go on with her life.

The first message arrived on Holly’s 30th birthday through a tape recording in a cake. More letters came after the first and helped Holly celebrate life with herself. This story is about rediscovering marriage, friendship and a new life after the end of another.

Ghost (1990). The story is about a man, Sam Wheat, played by Patrick Swayze, who was killed during a botched mugging. Because of his love for his partner, he is caught been death and after-death life and remained on earth as a ghost. The only way for him to communicate with Molly (Demi Moore), his partner, is through the psychic Oda Mae who helped him protect Molly from thieves.

The Bridges of Madison County. A 1995 movie, this film, directed by Clint Eastwood, is a story about Robert Kincaid, a photographer and Francesca Johnson, a married woman. The illicit affair between the two while Francesca’s husband and children are away at the Illinois State fair is recorded in a diary that her grown kids read.

Dirty Dancing (1987). A very old movie though, this movie does not lose its spark to be one of the most romantic movies to make you shed a tear. Starred by Patrick Swayze(Johnny Castle) and Jennifer Grey (Frances Houseman), it is a story about Frances spending summer holiday with her family when she falls in love with Johnny Castle, the camp’s dance instructor.

The Wedding Singer(1998). This movie is one of the feel-good love movies of all time and yet can just let you drop some tears while watching. Drew Barrymore portrays a perfect role while Adam Sandler created a new, unexpected role to spice up his acting experience.

This romantic comedy is a story about a singer and a waitress who is both engaged to someone else but fell in love to each other. The destinies of Robbie and Julie were knotted to help them discover each other.

Ending happily or in tragic death, these stories are testimonies on how passionate love can make things possible.  Pretty sure you will empty your tissue box after watching these romantic movies that makes you cry.  Fall in love; let your emotions take you away! But don’t forget to save sliced cucumbers for your puffy eyes.

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