Bose® Solo TV Sound System: A Review

Bose® Solo TV Sound System: A Review

New innovations are being presented every month or almost every week leading to greater competition in the market as consumers are left with more and better options on the kind of products that they need. Among these new technological improvements, if you are specifically interested with entertainment system, is a sleeker and stylish TV sound system. Gone are the days of bulky package and tangled wires as more and more TV sound systems are presented with pedestal design and one-cable connection. Some are able to compete if not equal the flawless Megaplex sound experience. If you are planning to scout a new TV sound system, Bose Solo TV Sound System is a good choice.

bose solo tv sound system

bose solo tv sound system

Leisure is one of the luxuries that most people try to achieve in their busy and hectic lifestyle. And to do this, most people make sure that they find leisure in their very homes. One way to do this is to have a good TV sound system that can equal if not surpass cinematic sound experience. But to achieve this would likely to occupy a huge space in your living room with at least 5 parts to install for the sound system alone: the woofer, two surround speakers and two bass speakers. Bose Solo TV Sound System can offer this without compromising your need for a cinematic sound experience.

Bose Solo TV Sound System is one of the best TV sound boxes available in the market. Clutter-free, the TV sound system offers better sound than those that have built-in internal speakers. It gives you more sound effects to choose from. Even it is a bit pricey that those of the competitors, it is still sensible for a Bose.

Bose Solo’s dimension can be dissected as 20 inches wide with 10.25 inches deep, 3 inches height. If you have your TV wall-mounted, you can simply but it on a shelf. The remote control is as small as 1.5 inches by 4 inches.

When we speak of decluttering, you will definitely feel relieved with the one-connection wire system. No messing up with tangled wires!

Another strength worth mentioning with this Bose Solo is it can be a TV stand where the TV sits directly on top of it or the so-called pedestal design. This avoids the issue of blocking the remote sensor of the television. It can carry about 40 pounds TV weight and a perfect fit for 32 inches monitors. However, some lighter 37 inches to 47 inches can also do so. Moreover, another advantage with this set is there is no more need for a separate receiver. Additionally, any piece of equipment with a coaxial digital audio, optical or analog can be connected to the system.

If you have the obsession into simplifying things, you will be awed by its remote control offering only four buttons. No more busy clicking! It only has power, mute and volume up and down options.

If you worry about messing up with the remote control, either you have it broken or misplaced; the sound system works with other universal remote controls. This is because the system applies the standard Bose IR codes that are applicable to most cable sets and universal remote control systems.

However, one downside that might have been overlooked by the developer of this handsome device is lacking front-panel display. This will leave you wondering if you already maxed out the sounds or still have space for it.
Included in the box are Bose Solo TV sound system, remote control, power cord, optical digital audio cable analog cable.

The aesthetic edge, one-connection wire and pedestal design would likely make Bose Solo TV System among the best picks for the lifestyle home audio category. It definitely surpasses the sound quality of those with built-in speakers. Plain and simple design, easy set-up and fanciful remote, this should make up Bose Solo Sound System on top of your list.

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