Kitchen Design Upgrade: Refacing kitchen cabinets

Kitchen Design Upgrade: Refacing kitchen cabinets

Refacing kitchen cabinets is one of the best solutions that homeowners can look into to upgrade their kitchen design. This is a more affordable alternative rather than doing the traditional kitchen redesigning since the current electrical, plumbing and cabinet frames are left as it is.  The process takes only approximately 5 days to complete and is done by professionals who will customize your kitchen look to better fit your home and match your personal taste.

kitchen cabinet refacing

kitchen cabinet refacing

Renovating the kitchen through refacing can transform how your kitchen looks with new hardware and accessories, doors, drawers and other add-ons to update your kitchen design.

Refacing kitchen cabinets is done by refacing professionals. It is done by removing the old kitchen cabinet doors and drawers, and replacing them with new and customized ones. The good thing about this redesigning is that it is made by a professional team that includes the design consultant.  Consultation services are often offered as part of the service.

Most consultations are done inside your home so you can actually see how the redesigning will be applied. Refacing team has several catalogues where you can choose the highest quality materials needed for your refacing.  You can choose from several finishes and styles, from classic to contemporary.

The kitchen cabinet door can be improved either by removing and replacing the entire door or by switching out the doors and cover the exposed parts with a veneer that matches the new finish. There are several types of veneers that are available in a variety of colors, textures, patterns and more.

Other refacing options that you might consider are plastics, real wood veneers and Rigid thermfoil (RTF) doors.

Plastic laminates are moisture resistant and durable. It is available in several patterns and colors. Aside from the durability of plastic laminates, it is also reasonably priced.

Wood veneers. Wood veneers are common options for refacing.  It is simple and yet elegant but one of the most expensive options to do refacing. It can be available in several types of woods such as maple, oak and bamboo. Some wood veneers come with stains, paint or glazes that further enhance its natural elegance.

Rigid thermfoil (RTF) doors have fibreboard that is covered with a durable plastic coating. This is an affordable option than real wood veneers or laminated doors.

Refacing the doors of kitchen cabinets is feasible only if the old kitchen cabinet door is still in good condition. Broken frames or water-damaged cabinet doors are not good for refacing unless you plan to change the entire kitchen cabinet door.

Another enhancement suggestion that could be possible is to improve other areas of the kitchen for better functionality. Some refacing teams also offer countertop materials to perfectly complement the new cabinets. Finishing touches that maybe applied are knobs, handles, faucets and sinks. These accessories further enhance the kitchen’s work station improving functionality aside from the new style and look.

How refacing kitchen cabinets are done?

After you’ve decided to finally reface your kitchen cabinet, a refacing team will come to your home to measure cabinets and determine how many veneers will be used for the process. If your refacing materials are already complete, the refacing team will remove old kitchen cabinet doors and prepare the cabinet frames by washing the exteriors and sanding to create a smooth finish. The installation team will apply the veneers to the cabinet and will mount other accessories to complete the job. As said earlier, most refacing jobs can be completed in less than a week.

Refacing kitchen cabinets offers a cost-effective option to upgrade kitchen’s design and functionality. This only requires a short time span compared to redoing the entire kitchen design offering convenience and new look in less than a week.


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