PS4 News: Orbis or Playstation 4?


If you are a Playstation gaming enthusiast or a simply an intrigue Xbox gamer, PS4 online forums would be the best place to hang out for news and rumors about PS4.

As soon as Playstation 3 was released, web rumors became unending about PS4. Playstation 4 is expected to outrun its Playstation predecessors more or less, to cover flaws or provide better gaming performance. The competition with Xbox is becoming stiff and Sony has to meet expectations and even exceed them to survive the competitive gaming market. This is not surprising as Nintendo prepare for the release of Xbox 720, Sony might be readying their ace as well.

Playstation 4 is said to have started its development as early as 2010. It takes time to develop a new gaming console. A lot of tech geeks claim that PS3 was hurriedly done such that it did not satisfy sophisticated gamers and ought to transfer their loyalty to Nintendo instead. PS4 is expected to make up for this lapse.

Gaming enthusiasts in PS4 online forums excite about the new hardware and software developments of this new game console. A lot of rumors spread that Playstation 4 is sporting AMD chips for the CPU-a 4x Dual-Core AMD64 “Bulldozer” which will total to 8x cores! GPU is poised to be AMD R10xx.

Additionally, a 4 GB upgrade from PS3 512 MB memory is a bonus that developers are looking into. Other tech bloggers say that it would be 8GB rather than 4GB memory upgrade. But regardless of how much system memory will be added, what is sure would be a larger memory capacity.

Hardware is enhanced with 4 USB ports and 2x Ethernet. Drive is expected to be on Blu-ray technology with 160GB hard disk. Audio output features HDMI & Optical, 2.0, 5.1 and 7.1 channels.

The next generation Playstation is supposed to be released on June 2013 or later this year. Just recently, on January 24, 2013, Hiroshi Sakamoto, vice president of Sony entertainment stated that initial announcement about Playstation 4 is expected to be not later than May 2013. While the release of PS4 is still a big secret, what is not a secret is that Sony will be trying against all odds to release the new game console way ahead than competitor Microsoft Xbox720.  It can be remembered that Sony made the big mistake of allowing the competitor to announce Xbox earlier which led to muted PS3.

Playstation 4, code name “Orbis” is set to have a new controller and new accounts.

It is claimed that the new controller is capable of sensing motion, of course like PS3, but with the added enhancement of tilt correction. It is also said to include vibrations and an RGB LED light in it. Growing speculations on PS4 online forums state that PS4 controller would likely to adapt PS Vita touch screen. But on its own way, it would be a capacitive touch pad.

When it comes to user accounts, Sony is moving away from single user with PS4 multi-user simultaneous logins. This means that Playstation 4 will allow more than four persons to be logged in the same system at the same time. This change will be exciting for games where four players in a battle defeating a boss, would likely to receive four trophies.

A lot of buzz is on the web as gaming enthusiasts excitedly waits for Playstation 4 to uncover. Would it be a total overhaul of PS3 or simply an enhanced version? Is it enough to match Xbox720 high specs claims? Right now, everybody is totally clueless. Keep updated by choosing a good tech community through PS4 online forums.


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